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Sue Renfrow
Parent Education
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29 students

This is Parenting Way’s new Online Parent Education Course. The self study curriculum can be completed on your own, however, there is a place you can request additional information or ask questions from a qualified Parent Education Instructor. We ask that you complete each quiz at the end of each class number. Your work does not need to be submitted for evaluation and does not have a required completion percentage. Work through the course material and select the complete button in order to acknowledge that you have completed the course work for each lesson. You must also do the pre and post outcome evaluation. You will receive your Certificate of Completion and Achievement by email. This self study is designed to provoke the positive thinking and skills to be a productive parent in our community. At this time we are offering the class at no cost, to help parents while they are at home and while we cannot hold in-person parenting classes through the duration of the COVID19 Pandemic and Crisis in our country and throughout the world.
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All information is completely confidential and will only be released if you need confirmation for any legal entity. You must acknowledge this and give your authorization prior to beginning your coursework.
We are so glad to have you with us and are with you through every step of your parenting challenges and parenting successes!

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